Ayurveda- the sciences of life, is the world’s oldest system of health care.


Updates of Sanjeevani Ayurveda Hospital & Research Institute


Established in the year 2003 and is actively engaged in the exports


In yet another unique initiative, Vedic Remedies has established in 2003


The Hospital gives equal emphasis to treatment as well as medical research.


A rare gesture of drive towards propagating Ayurveda and its unique


Ayurveda- the sciences of life, is the world’s oldest system of health care. It has strong philosophical foundations, unquestionable scientific veracity, everlasting practical methodology and eternally vibrant innovativeness. Ayurveda is the first medical system in the world to define the word HEALTH as a balanced and coordinated functioning of the physical mental and spiritual faculties.

Human diseases are as old as humans themselves. Mankind has developed various techniques to fight them at different periods to time in different parts of the world. But Ayurveda proves to be the unique one amongst the lot. The uniqueness of Ayurvedic Medicinal System is its holistic approach. In the system, the whole body including the state of mind is taken into consideration before a treatment is administered. Ayurveda does not treat a disease, it treats a patient. Firmly based on this holistic approach, Ayurvedic treatment is classified under eight sections

  • Kaychiiktsa - General Medicine
  • Balachikitsa - Paediatrics
  • Manasika chikitsa - Psychiatry
  • Salakya - ENT and Ophthalmology
  • Salya - Surgery
  • Rasayna - Rejuvenative treatments
  • Vajeekarana - Sexual and Genetic treatments
  • Agadathantha - Treatment in poison

Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity. Originating near the Himalayan valleys the science of Ayurveda spread all over the Indian subcontinent by the 2nd century BC. Depending on the socio-political conditions in different parts of the Indian continent different innovative methods were evolved within the system of Ayurveda, and the one contributed by the doctor scientists of Kerala, has proved to be the best.

Following the methods of trial and error, these doctors of Kerala developed a methods of administering the essential values of the medicine through the body surface, the biomedical factors of the prescribed herbs is mixed in the right kind of oil and rubbed on the entire human body by experts. This manipulation of the body from outside tones up the muscles, allowing the medicinal effects to be received into the body and assist the damaged body cell to restore the equilibrium. In Ayurvedic treatment, the focus is on the cure of the disease-not its symptoms and hence it provides not only curative but also preventive and promotional medication. It also corrects physiological as well as psychological imbalances by a judicious blend of medicine and diet. Ayurveda can cure many chronic diseases that cannot be treated well by other medical systems.

The branch of Ayurveda called Rasayana has a renewed interest around the world. Rasayana deals with the restoration of youth and vitality, which can arrest the degeneration process. Hence it is also utilised in the treatment of degenerative disorders.

The medicines used in Ayurveda are mostly extracts of herbs and vegetable. Another advantage with Ayurveda preparations is their total absence of side effects. Moreover, this innocuous but effective mode of treatment could be the best possible one for the “Care of Health”, which is becoming the philosophy of living of the 21st Century.

Sanjeevani Ayurveda Hospital brings you the skill and knowledge of expert Ayurvedic physicians from the land of its development, Kerala. The various treatments offered by this hospital are devised and constantly monitored by expert doctors who are on call 24 hours a day. The massages are administered by masseurs and masseuses trained in the various massaging techniques.

Sanjeevani Ayurveda Hospital

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