Ayurveda- the sciences of life, is the world’s oldest system of health care.


Updates of Sanjeevani Ayurveda Hospital & Research Institute


Established in the year 2003 and is actively engaged in the exports


In yet another unique initiative, Vedic Remedies has established in 2003


The Hospital gives equal emphasis to treatment as well as medical research.


A rare gesture of drive towards propagating Ayurveda and its unique


A hot medicinal pudding like preparation is stuffed in cloth pouches and applied all over particular parts. Njvarakizhi enhances physical constancy, reinforces nerve, reduces joint stiffness and betters ones complexion.

Offers cure for various diseases including Paralysis, Migraine, Loss of vision, Facial-Palsy and Neck – rigidity. The treatment involves medicated oil being retained for an hour on the head by means of a cap closely fitted around the scalp.

Medicated oils are poured on the forehead and head of the person thereby aiding him to tone up the brain and improve memory. Sirodhara is effective for curing Paralysis, Senile dementia and other Neurological malfunctions. This is also recommended course for rejuvenating one’s physical and mental constitution.

A unique treatment method for curing disorders like insomnia, depression, burning sensation within the head psoriases etc. Medicated buttermilk is poured on the forehead. The therapy provides mental peace to the person

Warm liquid medicine prepared out of fermented grains is poured on one’s body for an hour along with massage. Rheumatism and many neurological disorders can be cured by this treatment method.

The medicated warm oil is poured on the whole body for an hour a day. This is highly sought after rejuvenation therapy, which helps to arrest the ageing process and tones up the skin, muscles and the peripheral nervous system, preventing scales and wrinkles surfacing over the skin.

Helps the person to reduce obesity, imparts mobility to joints and strengthens muscles. This is achieved by a dry powder massage of herbs; and the final result is a slim and trim body.

Elakizhi Treats stiffness of body and relives stress through a comprehensive treatment process. Here cloth poultices are made of several different fresh herbal leaves, which are squeezed and rubbed on the body after dipping in hot medicated oil.


Dinacharya – The Ayurvedic Way of healthy living

Dinacharya or Daily routines are detailed in the Ayurvedic science and were practiced regularly by the Kings and Emperors of the ancient India to keep them fit and healthy. These routines have been refined and redefined by our doctors for your physical and mental harmony. This package includes.

Pratimarsa nasya – administering 2 to 3 drops of non-irritant medicine through nostrils for improving the perceptive capacities of the eyes, ears, nose and tongue.

Gandoosha – breathing herbal decoction in the mouth for oral hygiene, perfect dental care and proper digestion.

Dhoompana** – breathing of medicated fumes through nose, brining about lightness to the head and clarity in thinking.

Thamboola** – chewing of betel leaves with a combination of medicine roots and seeds to synchronise digestive secretions.

Abhyanga – a smooth synchronised massage to the whole body with medicated oil, which improves physical constancy, better eye sight, induces sleep, reduces high blood pressure, strengthens the muscles and eliminates the impurities in the system.

Vyayamam (Yoga) – a series of yogic asanas, which are advised to keep the body and mind, awake and calm.

Udwarthanam – helps the person to reduce excess fat, impart mobility to joints, strengthens muscles and make the skin glow with health and is achieved by a dry powder massage of herbs.

Snananm – finally medicated bath is administered in the traditional way. Medicated hot water is sue for the body and for the head cooled medicated water is used. This will increase the appetite, promotes vitality, increases sexual vigour and provides immunity.

**The processes dhoomapana and thamboola is totally devoid of any irritant, corroding, narcotic or habit-forming substances including tobacco.

Oushadha – the prefect way to overcome fatigue and lethargy
This programme includes a mixture of Elakizhi, Abhyanga and Snehavasthi (Enema with oil) and helps in the revitalisation of all Marmas (vital points). The energy, which is excited through the combined effect of the two massages, are held down and controlled by the medicinal property of the enema. This is an excellent package for executives having excessive mental stress. Within 7 days, you will completely turn to be a new person.

Sampoorna – the general health and body-toning programme
This programme depends on your requirement. The treatment, generally a Massage or Abhyanga wherein the person is made to lie on a specially designed wooden bed and massaged with herbal oils, has been found to be very effective for restoring vigour and vitality, and for treating rheumatism and insomnia. This also bestows complexion and glow tot the skin. This massage also protects you from ailments, detoxifies your system and helps in easing stress, strain and building up of immunity for a healthy life.

Langhana – Ayurvedic Health Programme for Weight Reduction
This is a unique health programme with herbal powder massages and Ayurvedic medicines to help you lose weight and streamline your body in the most natural way, without exercising or dieting.

Sushrusha – Treatment for Arthritis, Rheumatism and Spondylosis
This includes different varieties of massages like Elakizhi, Nasyam, Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Dhara and Sirovasthi and internal medication, the combinations defers with different ailments

Sookthikopachara – Post Pregnancy Health Programme
Massages with specifically prepared medicated oils, bath in medicated decoctions & Ayurvedic medicines brings you back to perfect shape, proper lactation besides helping to strengthen sagging abdominal, breast and weak back muscles.

Satputra- The ultimate Preparation for your next generation
Ayurveda, from centuries, stresses the importance of Paternal and Maternal health in the achievement of a healthy progeny and insists certain preparatory treatments. Satputra offers the preparation in its classical way.

Balopachara – Special health package for weak children
This programme helps build up strength and stamina for weak children. It increases appetite, memory power, intellect and concentration. The special rice pack and a herbal oil massage tone up muscles and increase appetite and weight.

Medhya – The Ayurvedic way of enhancing your memory and concentration
This package is best for those who have the complaint of recent memory loss and loss of concentration. It involves Siropichu, Sirovasthi, Nasya and very specific internal medicines. It also gives excellent results in children below the age of 12 years.

Soundayra – The beauty package
Soundarya is a completely ayurvedic beauty package, which makes you confident about your body. Gives beautiful contours to your body and takes care of most of the skin problems. The eyes and hair are given special treatments to make them glow and attractive. Special herbal pastes and herbal oil massages in the most scientific manner are administered.

The packages are available in 21, 14, 7, 5, 3 or 1-day basis.

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